Water Department

Hydrant Flushing Notice

The Halifax Water Department will start flushing the water mains on or about May 18, 2020 and will take approximately two weeks, weather permitting. The first week will cover south and west of Route 58. The second week will cover north and east. The mains will be flushed between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The work will continue until the entire system is flushed. Water users should check the water for discoloration before using it to wash light colored clothing. Residents should check the water before using it. If it is discolored, they should run the water until the water clears. We apologize for any inconvenience the flushing may cause, but it must be done to maintain the quality of our water.

Invitation to Bid

Sealed bids for furnishing water treatment chemicals, (Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodim Hydroxide with the potential use of Potassium Permanganate and Sodium Bisulfite) will be received at the Halifax Water Department Office located at 500 Plymouth Street, Halifax, Massachusetts, until 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 10, 2020. The bids will be publicly opened and read at that time. The Halifax Water Department reserves the right to reject any bids in whole or in part and accept whatever bid is deemed to be in the best interest of the Town of Halifax. To complete the bid application, click here.

Discolored Water Complaints?

The Water Department reports that certain areas of town have been experiencing discolored water on and off for a period of time. The Water Department asks that residents call the office (781) 293-1733 when it happens, even after hours. Please leave your name, address, phone number, and day and time when it happens. The Water Department will call residents back to get the additional information and stop by and see what it can do.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Richard Clark Chairman
Donald Bosworth Member
Keith Swanson Superintendent
Kathleen O'Neil Adm. Assistant
Daniel Bosworth Clerk
John Sullivan Laborer/ T.P. Operator
Keith Badore Laborer